My interest in photography goes back to my early childhood when I traveled with my family across the United States and then by ship across the Atlantic Ocean to visit relatives in France. That experince and the photographic images from that time were the catalyst for my interest in travel and photography. In my early 20's, I returned to France to work in Paris as part of a foreign exchange program working in the kitchens at Orly Airport. Afterwards, I visited relatives in the south of France and then continued my journey through other parts of Europe. Taking pictures along the way was a natural and rewarding way for me to chronicle these experiences. Since that time, my desire for travel and photography has taken me to many other parts of the world, giving me an ongoing appreciation of new places, people, and cultures.

When not traveling, I have had the opportunity to focus on subject matter closer to home, and in some cases, as close as my own backyard. My images cover a variety of subjects including people, cultures, and places; scenes in nature; creatures large and small; abstract images; and macro photography. Regardless of the subject matter, the challenge for me is being able to create images that capture a moment in time; whether that be a photograph that stimulates one's imagination, provokes an emotional response, or is just pleasing to the eye.